We are a vertically integrated cheese company.   We grow the grass, milk the cows, make the cheese and sell directly to the consumer.  What makes us different?  Read on....

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The Retired

This is Anne, she is our first cow. She is now 16 years old. She hasn't been milked for at least 8 years and is now retired, living the good life.

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The Babies

The babies stay with their moms.   They share the milk supply for the first few months until everyone is ready for weaning.

The Boys

These are the boys. They can't help that. Just because they are boys, doesn't mean they aren't useful. After weaning, they babysit the little ones. They also are very strong and could probably pull down a house if they wanted to. Although they are too kind for that. 🙂

The Cheese

We truly feel that the kindness to the cow really makes a difference in the cheese.  The cows socialize.  They have access to terrain and grazing year round.  We emphasize a low stress environment.

"Come taste the difference kindness makes."