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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What do you feed the cows?

    Our cows get fed a mixture of grain and hay.  The grain we use is a non-GMO, corn-free nature's blend pellet.  We tested many feeds and this was by far the cleanest.  We supplement with local hay (non GMO, heritage grasses).  Did you know that each producing cow needs to eat 40-60 lbs of dry feed every day?

  • How many cows do you have?

    Right now, we are milking 8 cows, and we have 5-6 in waiting.  Plus the boys.   We have a very small herd and we focus the breeding and feed to maximize the milk fat/proteins to get the most amount cheese.   Also, we milk them pretty long.   Up to 1000 days.  that means less breeding and less calves which is better for the environment and the most sustainable.

  • What kind of cows are they?

    We have various breeds.  They have all been selected for thier genetic profile and for milkfat.  We have Jersey, Norweigen Red, Brahman, Holstein and Gir (although she is just on loan at the moment).  They have all been genetically profiled and are all A2/A2.

  • Do they get to go outside?

    Yes.  Our cows have access to the outdoors 365 days per year.  They have a nice pasture with forest terrain also so they get lots of exercise.  Often though, they prefer to be inside out of the weather.  And sometimes, we have to keep some cows separated otherwise they will bully and eat all of the food!  But that's only for a short time.

  • Do you consider your farm environmentally friendly?

    Yes.  We consider ourselves stewards of the land.   Our practices are designed to minimize the amount of cows we have, thus the amount of feed we have to produce and the amount of impact.  We have a strong focus on sustainable farming practices and animal welfare is the top priority.  We are a firm believer in clean, local food producers.

  • Why do your cows have horns?

    We beleive in kindness to the cow.  There are studies regarding trauma, epigenetics and the effects on the cow.  We choose not to dehorn them.   They each get a shiney set of horn knobs to add some extra bling.  Yes, some of the cows do not have horns, they are either polled (no horns naturally) or they were de-horned before we got them.